This Is Me

Well hello everyone!


I was getting to grips with what I was going to write this first blog about when the most appropriate song ever came on the radio “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman. So I guess this is an introduction to me.

I have been a maker of things since, well, forever. I was never lost for something to do.

When I was younger it was probably making and constructing that I prefered over drawing. I once made an entire town, starting in the sitting room with sign posts to the lands up the stairs. This was around the same time I set up shop on an upturned cardboard box with an open and closed sign on the front gate, I was around 5 years old and did good business!

One of my favourite times of year was Easter because it meant loads of lovely cardboard and shiny tin foil to create stables for my horses, little notebooks and anything else that took my fancy. I would sit on my bed that was pushed up against the wall and use the window sill as a table to create on.

A “sick day” off school meant that I could watch Channel 4’s educational daytime shows, cover the floor in materials and create along with the tv teachers. Then there was Mary Fitzgearlds make and do show. Anyone not from Ireland this was a childrens craft TV show. (

Crayola were the art materials of choice. They had to be carefully looked after and Santa was nice enough to supply me with a good selection.

I really enjoy drawing now and combine it with my ceramics. I am still excited about making things, I hope that never leaves me.

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